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Consultation & Service Rates

We offer a basic hourly rate to cover standard services such as one-to-one consultations and aim to be upfront and honest with our rates from the start. This is a guide for one-off projects, bespoke requirements or an initial consultation to gather the right information before a larger booking.

Services From £25

For adhoc/smaller projects, event management, consultancy or training on any aspects of blogging or social media – all needs catered for.

Kickstarter Packages – Examples of Rates 

For social media management, these packages will ensure that your account is in good hands, allowing you to continue with your working day whilst your social media is managed and controlled by a knowledgeable human being.

Bronze – £115 (£23 per hour) – a saving £10 per month
Silver – £220 (£22 per hour) – a saving £30 per month
Gold – £315 (£21 per hour) – a saving £60 per month

Blogging Packages

For bespoke blog posts or creative features, these packages will ensure that your blog is kept running with fresh and useful content for your customers or readers to enjoy and engage with.

From £35  

Half Day or Full Day rates can be offered for bespoke consultancy services or unique projects on request.

Whether you have a specific project in mind or just want a general chat about what’s possible on your budget, let’s Skype, meet in person, or chat over the phone.

When you work with Stir Up Media, you can use our time for face-to-face or telephone consulting or for bespoke services. This is a great way to bend our ear over a cuppa with a specific idea and discuss your business or social media requirements and we will help you to brainstorm.

How Do You Get Started?

Let’s talk and find out exactly what it is you want help with and we can go from there.