Why You Shouldn't Auto-Connect Facebook And Twitter

Why You Shouldn’t Auto-Connect Facebook And Twitter

When you set up a Facebook or Twitter account, it’s now very easy, offered as a “set up” option to connect your accounts together – with the idea being when you post something on one platform, the same post can auto-appear on the other platform.

But usually, this really isn’t a great idea and I wouldn’t recommend you do this at all. 

Why You Shouldn't Auto-Connect Facebook And Twitter

In my advice (and that of many social media users out there nowadays too) it’s advisable to say something once and keep it unique for each online platform that you are using.

Publishing a Facebook post to your Twitter (or vice versa) may seem like a good idea, “killing two birds with one stone”, but none of your Facebook friends or Twitter followers will be thankful that you did… in fact, it may cause quite the opposite reaction.

Of course, there are no hard and fast rules, these options are open for you should you so desire, but more and more people get tired of having to move away from Twitter to see a Facebook post (or the opposite way around) when scrolling through their chosen platform.

Personally, if I see Tweets with links to a Facebook post, I’m not going to follow you and certainly won’t click on the links. You will find this puts off more people than you think, it could be stunting the growth of your Twitter following.

Your followers follow you on TWITTER because they want to read your TWEETS and your Facebook followers are “liking” your page because they want to see your posts… they don’t want to be sent away to an entirely different social media platform to read what you have to say, it annoys the heck out of the majority of them if you do this, I can promise you this.

You could perhaps use Twitter to share your top tips or a little insight into your business or brand, sharing snippets, connecting with suppliers creatively, etc. Leaving Facebook to share today’s specials board, a customer testimonial or to elaborate on a point made on Twitter, utilising the space to expand on a subject, simply as an example.

Every social media platform offers different ways to connect and the way that you would share information and connect with people through Facebook is very different to the way you would connect through Twitter.  Twitter is fast-paced, you can Tweet 10 times a day and not be seen to be bombarding your followers, however if you posted at this frequency through Facebook, this could be overkill.

Using hashtags through Twitter may also not quite make sense through Facebook, or when tagging in a business or name through Facebook – it won’t translate and connect through Twitter on an auto-post – they simply don’t quite marry when you connect them in this way.

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Twitter is said to be the “cocktail party” of the social media world, a room full of random people chatting and connecting in a large, noisy room. It’s a public space for everyone to hear what’s being said and connect freely without having to request friendships. Whereas, Facebook will be much more personal due to your followers needing to request friendship or physically opt in to “like’ your page. People will expect to see only a few posts a day through Facebook, if that.

You may find that your Facebook followers are here, because they don’t like or even use Twitter and the same on the other hand. So, if you are Tweeting, only to re-direct people to your Facebook page (and a follower doesn’t have a Facebook account) then they might not be able to see what you are saying… this can be very irritating indeed.

The choice is ultimately yours, but if I were to give you one sound piece of advice it would be this…

Say something once, keep it unique and share different advice, tips or posts on each social media platform that you use – this will give your customers/clients/fans/followers/readers a reason to follow you across all social media accounts.

Have unique conversations, you’re potentially talking to very different demographics through each platform.

Take a little time to plot individual content plans for your Facebook and for your Twitter, your followers will connect and engage with you much more as a result.

If you do decide to auto-connect your accounts, be aware how you write your posts and keep this thought in mind (and have a chat with me).

If you auto-connect your accounts simply because you feel you don’t have time or you aren’t quite sure how to create content for your social media channels, contact me for more information

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  1. It’s annoying when you see streams of Twitter feeds linked from Facebook saying so and so just posted a picture on Facebook. Why not post the picture on Twitter with a unique comment.

    • I agree Lynn, I guess for some people, from what I’ve heard recently, it’s a matter of not quite knowing how or what to post and time management… It’s becoming more annoying than ever and I see so many Twitter rants about this, so your followers will never thank you for it for sure.

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