Why You Should Be Live Tweeting Your Event

Why You Should Be Live Tweeting Your Event

So, you’ve put in all that work using your blog, website, social media channels, marketing tools to push your big conference, event or festival…

You have put in blood, sweat and tears to get your message out there, get tickets booked, bums on seats, word of mouth spreading like wild fire…

Post-event social media posts have been created, ready to thank your guests/hosts/speakers/acts, to keep the buzz going once it’s all ended…

Now what?

You intend to host your conference/demonstrations/event/festival, and spend your energy making sure that it goes without a hitch – there’s so much to do that you are running around like a headless chicken (calmly of course) to ensure that the event runs smoothly.

But, who’s capturing the “in the moment” material?

Why You Should Be Live Tweeting Your Event

Those “behind-the-scenes” moments that you can then share throughout your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/YouTube accounts, etc during, as well as after your event?

Your chefs might be duelling with baguettes in a sweaty tent kitchen, your star act might be taking selfies with the team, your guests/visitors might be having a dance-off that you’re missing because you’re attending to the sound issues backstage… you might be missing those moments that people want to see throughout your event.

This is where you need to be “Live Tweeting” – sharing those in-the-moment snaps and snippets with the people who can’t be there (and will potentially be following online to keep an eye on proceedings from their sofa) and to be providing an interactive platform for the people who are there to connect with your brand/business and get the conversation flowing online whilst they’re joining you in real-time too.

You may have considered a photographer or videographer and that’s fantastic, but are they connecting with your online world during the event? Possibly not, this is where it’s really important to engage. 

Here are a few tips on how you can do this:

Why You Should Be Live Tweeting Your Event

 Creating a dedicated hashtag for your event allows people to connect through it, seeing who’s there, what everyone is seeing/saying/sharing and for the buzz to grow. People attending the event may use it to connect with people who are there (they may even meet up physically as a result) and people observing from outside can see what’s going on if they are interested, but can’t make it.

▽ If taking a picture or video clip of somebody, always ask their permission before doing so. If they are going to be busy within your event and you can’t ask them “in the moment” just double check with them prior to their slot. This way you can also check their social media account details to ensure you are connecting with their preferred/correct profile.

 Live Tweeting during a talk or demonstration provides value, not only to the people that are there, but it shows that you are engaged and listening to the person speaking – if you connect with their social media accounts as you quote them/provide an image/video of them (with their permission of course), they will see that you are listening and enjoying their element of your event, making them feel valued as a result.

 Introducing acts/guests/speakers to your social media audience may help there following to grow as a result. By sharing with your followers, if they are interested in this person/act, they may well follow them if they can easily access it through your own social media commentary/feed.

▽ Create content that your followers will want to share and save. Nobody wants to see an “in joke” that only you will understand. Share the knowledge shared in the room, the priceless moments that they will want to see and hear about.

▽ If you are hosting a talk/conference, the live Tweeting/set up of a dedicated Hashtag may influence outsiders to get involved and ask a question. You can use this to pose to your speaker/guests and answer in real time – this is a fantastic way to gain respect for your event or brand.

▽ Whilst planning to live Tweet, pre-warn your followers that this is about to happen, that way, if they aren’t interested in following, they can switch off their notifications or avoid your chosen social media channel for the duration, as they may not want to see a constant stream of content from you – remember your Twitter etiquette!

▽ Share, retweet and reply to people using your hashtag, sharing their own experiences of your event and show them your thanks for getting involved.

▽ Be prepared for your event, have an itinerary/run through of everything coming up and pre-prepare content so you aren’t spending lots of time on the day typing away. You can gather Twitter handles, create hashtags, general bio/intro tweets all before your event, giving you time to breathe between speakers/acts/events. But, don’t forget to be spontaneous too – don’t pre-schedule the entire session.

▽ Find a good spot – if you want to capture images or video without a sea of heads bobbing in front of you, get there early, find a prime position and capture the best material humanly possible.

▽ If you do create a dedicated hashtag, make sure it reads ok (#susanalbumparty anyone?!) and that you keep a close eye on it – sharing and responding to any content added to it – engage, engage, engage. Make sure it’s created and your followers are aware of it the moment you start to promote your event – get started early!

▽ Have a live screen on view so that when people connect through your Hashtag, they can see their Tweets flash up throughout the event – it gets people excited and motivates them to connect with you.

▽ When quoting somebody, ensure that you make it obvious that it’s a quote, otherwise your followers may think you are saying the point yourself.

▽ Have plenty of technological back-up…. chargers, extra phones/ipads/laptops if this is a long-scale event – you don’t want to lose your one mode of connection halfway through the event do you?

Why You Should Be Live Tweeting Your Event

▽ Keep an eye on any mis-spelled Hashtags – sometimes people can start using one that they “think” is correct, only for you to miss out on what they are saying entirely. Try to make everyone aware of the official Hashtag, but keep your eyes peeled for variations so as not to miss any online content.

▽ You could provide a giveaway or prize on the day for the most innovative/creative/funny moment captured at the event – give people a reason to get involved.

▽ If you connect with your guests/visitors on the day, find out what their own Twitter handles are and follow them, take a picture, tag them, chat to them, thank them for coming – make them feel valued.

Now, should you require help or an extra pair of hands to help you with live Tweeting your own event, drop me a line to discuss further – I’d be thrilled to be your roving social media reporter!

You can see more on how I’ve helped at other live events here.

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