Why Working Alone Doesn’t Actually Mean Working Alone

Miss Sue Flay

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I have been working for myself for a while now and not only do I love the freedom, but I love the support network around me too. I certainly don’t feel alone, which seems to be the image I sometimes portray to my family and friends.

How many people do you have around you as a lone wolf? I’m pretty sure no homeworker is completely alone, perhaps you are a member of a business network or you work from your local coffee shop on a regular basis? You may outsource some of your tasks to other professionals or even work with your clients within their own workplace.

So, who keeps me company and supports my business throughout my working week?

My Partner
Duncan and JoEven if I get annoyed with him from time to time, he has helped me from day one. I can’t thank him enough for his support, his patience and his ideas & thoughts throughout. If I get an idea (of which I get at least 10 a day) I always waffle them at him and he tells me which ones are absurd and which are do-able! He also helped me recently to put together my own home office, spending a morning in Ikea with me and then putting all the flatpack stuff together – he is a saint, most of the time, who needs a handyman or maintenance team?!

My Parents
Both of my parents have very much supported me from the start too, they tune into each radio show or TV appearance that I get involved in, they come to my events and they are always picking up books and clippings that might inspire me. Who needs a buying team and admin support when your family enjoy getting involved?!

My Web Designer
Jamie at Cuppa Marketing has been equally supportive and has recently designed my new logo and website and is beyond patient with me when I ruin it behind the scenes – he politely puts it back together again for me, no doubt cursing my name as he does so. He has helped me to create web content and supported me Cuppawith blogs for both of my projects and he does it promptly and professionally, no matter what I ask of him. Who needs an IT support team when you have a freelancer who completely gets you and your brand?!

My Editors
Alice Ryan was my editor for the Cambridgeshire Journal Magazine and she gave me the opportunity of a lifetime, to become a columnist for this monthly local magazine after meeting for a photo shoot in my early days. After almost three years of writing my column on afternoon tea venues in Cambridgeshire, the publication came to an end and I moved to online features and reviews for and my editorial team are equally as supportive. From my experience, a great editor will teach you and spread the word of your services if they believe in you and I am truly made to feel like part of the team, I’m a lucky lady. Who needs co-workers when you have the support of other professionals around you?!

Twitter Friends
blogfestWhen you crave a coffee break and there is no physical water cooler to hang around your home office, look no further than Twitter for some much needed support. I have made many true friends and connected with many business professionals in person from a basic conversation through social media in the first instance. Not forgetting the local and national hashtags that get you connecting with professionals worldwide – I think it’s fantastic to network and surround yourself with new contacts as you connect. Who needs desk buddies when you have these guys at the tips of your fingers and in town for a physical catch up when you need or fancy meeting each other?!

My Clients
Without my clients, I wouldn’t have a business. I wouldn’t be interacting with anybody, I would literally be going out of my mind and throwing my laptop out of my third storey window in frustration. Who needs clients or customers?

We all do.

Who supports you whilst you work “alone”?

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