Why Aren't People Engaging With Me On Social Media?

Why Aren’t People Engaging With Me On Social Media?

I was recently asked the following question by a fellow networker:

How do I get more followers on Twitter and do I really need them (no-one replies to my tweets anyway)?

Good question, it could have a million answers here, so I’m going to try to answer as best I can from my own personal advice & experience.

Firstly, do you really need or want more followers through social media?

Well, if you didn’t want them, you wouldn’t be asking, surely?… Of course, we all want more followers when putting ourselves out there through social media, but in my opinion (especially for business) you need quality followers  & readers who want to hear what you have to say – otherwise what’s the point?

For business, more followers will show potential clients that you have a good reputation online, that people want to listen and they want to connect with you. It could be suggested that the more followers you have, then there will be more people that trust your brand as a result – personally, there’s nothing more off-putting than seeing a brand I want to follow with a “graveyard” of a social media account. If it’s half-loved or 100% self-promotional, I unfollow very quickly – you need to be “follow-worthy” to gain more of an audience, it’s not rocket science in truth.

Why Aren't People Engaging With Me On Social Media?

People will share and engage if you:





▽ Stand out

 Make your followers look clever/cool/smart/useful

But, the bigger question here really is how do you gain more followers through social media and how do you get them to engage?

There’s no one answer, so I’m going to share my best tips to help you gain (and hopefully keep) a steady growth in Twitter followers Kieran, I hope it helps!

Firstly and most importantly, it’s not going to happen over night. It takes time, persistence, planning and thought – you can’t just “sell, sell, sell” or shout “me, me, me” and expect people to care, because, I’m sorry to break it to you, they just won’t. They want to learn from you, they want to share content that their own followers might find interesting, so start thinking ahead – what will they WANT to share with their own followers, what might make them smile?

Here you will find my list of hints to consider in order to get people engaging with you:

▽ Quality over quantity – don’t spam with so many posts, keep it frequent, but not too frequent!

▽ Be yourself, people will buy into you (and if they don’t then you don’t want them following anyway!)

▽ Have fun – check out my post on the #Shoefie to see the engagement I’ve received so far from my wn followers – it’s a bit of fun and my social media friends have been great sports

▽ Add a “follow” button to your website – there’s nothing more annoying than heading to a website & spending ages searching for a Twitter button – if you have social media accounts, have buttons to connect

▽ Introduce yourself and engage with the people you follow – they might be wondering who you are, so say hi and get a two-way conversation going

▽ Join Twitter chat / use dedicated hashtags to connect with new people

▽ Reply to everyone who leaves you a comment or interacts with your account where possible – make them feel included & valued

▽ Use the Twitter search function to find people asking questions you could answer / help with

▽ Put thought into your user profile, it’s the first impression you make, so it needs to look good & entice people to stay – have a clear image/header/logo, website links, location and a great bio to start

▽ Nobody will share something that might make them look bad, so stay away from the controversial if you want people to get involved or trust you

▽ Simply ask for retweets – but type the word, rather than use the abbreviation (RT) , but don’t ask them too much

▽ Keep it simple – people switch off quite quickly (so if you are still with me, hurrah, it’s working!), so keep headlines, paragraphs and posts relatively short, don’t write essays!

▽ Stay away from hard sales pitches – give value or create a useful blog post (hopefully like this one!), a document or tool that your followers can use in their every day life

Twitter Basics Workshops

▽ Use Twitter lists to show that you’re taking time to look at somebody and make them feel good by adding them to a “Favourite Blogger” list for example – it’s nice to know you’re a favourite blogger to somebody

▽ Don’t forget to use great images and incorporate video too – people can be visual, so video is a great tool to grab attention – it’s the first thing I look for when eye-balling a new Twitter account

▽ Curiosity works on your readers – if a headline grabs your attention, you will want to read on, it’s human nature (Buzzfeed does this very well indeed!)

▽ Use positive words to show that you’re going to make an impact on them (think of words such as “Boost” or “Improve” to make people want to learn more from you

▽ Keep it varied – (seemingly) the same content over and over again on your blog won’t make people want to read it, so mix it up and make people want to come back for more information/entertainment

▽ Know who you are talking to and write content that will appeal to them – you won’t please everyone, but that’s ok!

I truly hope this helps in answering your question.

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  2. Great article with lots of good tips.

    • Thanks so much Karl, do you find the same problem on social media? Or do you get good engagement?

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