Who To follow on Instagram

Who To Follow On Instagram – Food & Drink

So, it’s no secret that I’m a social media ADDICT and my favourite platform is Instagram… by miles!

I adore Twitter, I endure Facebook, I could stare at Pinterest all day long (all for myself here and for my alter ego at MissSueFlay.com) and lust over DIY projects I will never do myself and drool over recipes I will never be able to perfect… But, if I HAD to choose a favourite social network, then Instagram would win hands down.

Who To follow on Instagram

It’s a great way to share images I wouldn’t always share on other platforms – yup, you need to follow me on both my “Miss Sue Flay” & “Stir Up Media” Instagram accounts to drool over my findings, see where I am setting up my makeshift office each day and enjoy nosing at the connections I am making over there!

There is nothing I love more than to compose my own foodie still life and photograph the delicious food & drink I enjoy as I travel and spend time with friends – I get invited to lots of exciting events and launches, so it’s rude not to photograph it, right?!

Who To follow on Instagram

I’m going to share just some of the fabulous food & drink-based Instagram accounts I am currently enjoying chatting to and following on Instagram…

Food Style Guide

Redwell Brewing 

Paul WF 

Who To follow on Instagram

The Collective UK

Smitten Kitchen 

David Lebovitz

The Foodie Bugle

Felicity Spector


Who To follow on Instagram

Young And Foodish

Paul A Young


Portobello Road Gin

Who To follow on Instagram

Who do you follow? Do you love Instagram as much as I do? Or do you prefer another social media platform?

Share your thoughts below in a comment.. if you want to share your faves with us of course!

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