Where To Find Free Images For Your Blog

Where To Find Free Images For Your Blog

I’m going to let you in on some of my worldy blogging secrets right now… well, not all of them of course, or I would have to kill you!

Some people surprise me at how easily they think they can just search for an image, grab it from Google images and use it on their blog quite happily, with potentially no repercussions.

My advice? Be careful.

Where To Find Free Images For Your Blog

You need to be aware of who owns the image you are taking from the internet and if you actually have permission to use it on your blog or website, as if you don’t, you could get yourself into a spot of bother later on down the line if the image owner doesn’t want you using it.

And, actually, as a blogger or creative, it can be very frustrating to see your work being used (uncredited or without permission) and passed off as somebody else’s own image – it’s simply blog etiquette to ask first.

It could be that if you want to use a specific image, if you contact the owner of the original they will be happy for you to use it if you are willing to credit them or share the original location/source in return. If you simply use an image without permission you could gain yourself a fine or a legal issue with a disgruntled owner, so in my opinion you should always ask permission… or better still, use your own unique images where possible.

Where To Find Free Images For Your Blog

You can get yourself some superb head shots or promotional images created by a local photographer, so this is most certainly worth looking into if you want to create an individual or unique look for your blog or brand. I am never uninspired when it comes to flicking through blogs or websites on a regular basis, I adore the photography I see day to day, so get creative and make your own mark within the online world.

However, if you can’t do this or you want access to an image quickly that doesn’t look tacky (or won’t get you into trouble!) then here are a few sources for you to try for gaining some for free:

Wikimedia Commons 

A great place to start for  a stock photo – just make sure you read the terms of usage very closely.

Foodies Feed

Perfect for high res food pics, with over 1,000,000 photos available.

Where To Find Free Images For Your Blog

Creative Market 

This is a paid service, but you can gain free fonts, images and photos within their weekly emails.


A fantastic and free image source – you can subscribe to their regular email which will send you a random selection too!

Getty Images 

With over 50 million pictures to choose from, it’s hard to not find something!

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