Basic blog management, training or support

 Basic social media management, training or support – Twitter or Instagram basics

 Live Tweeting services – perfect for events/conferences (your own roving social media reporter)

 Accountability buddy/Mentor – someone to chat through your goals & issues or inspire you

 Freelance event services – from admin & marketing support to all-hands-on-deck support

 Freelance blogging & writing services

 Marketing support – various options open to you, come and chat to me about your plans

 Networking events & social workshops – Quirky networking events available

 Sponsorship opportunities – contact me to discuss sponsoring one of my own events

 Connectress service – Creative connections, Introductions and adhoc PR/event support

Stir Up Media Services

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No energy to tackle a blog, no time or knowledge to manage a social media campaign?

If you need help to become more social online and develop your Web presence, Stir Up Media is here to help.

Social media has exploded over the last few years, changing the way people get andshare information and the way businesses and brands market and communicate. Facebook – now 10 years old – Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and image-sharing Pinterest are all powerful platforms to connect and engage with customers and promote your brand or business. Created with the right attitude, being social can boost brand awareness and customer loyalty and sales. It also improves your search engine rankings on the internet.


Got a quick and easy requirement? Then the hourly rate will match the simplicity of the task in hand. Should you have a juicier schedule or need, you’ll be provided with several options, giving you a choice of affordable packages to suit your budget.

Every budget catered for – I want to work with you.

Let’s talk! (or you can email me –!)

Stir Up Media Services

I Work With

Anybody and everybody, from individuals to small businesses and bigger brands. Although I am confidential and discreet about who I work with, I can make introductions if everyone’s happy to network.

You might have a food & drink business, B&B or hotel,  restaurant, spa or be any type of blogger – with over 13 years of experience within the events, hospitality & pop-up supperclub world, I can help in many ways. My coaching, events & workshops will help you build a brand, gain access to potential leads and turn them into new clients.

I can help you to focus on your grand plans for online domination, create ideas that work and teach you to reach an active and engaging audience.

I love getting to know clients over time. From a gentle steer in a new direction to a bungee-style jump into the blogosphere, I truly want to make social media work for you. There’s no right, no wrong, or one tweet fits all. Just what’s best for you.

You can see some of my media coverage and work here.

What People Say About Stir Up Media

“Jo’s Twitter Basics Workshop is absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend it. Great day with easy to digest information, practical and usable advice and of course lots of individual support. Jo is very knowledgeable and it was a superb day with lots of fun too!”

Ally MacKenzie of Sweet Ally Scoops 

Sweet Ally Scoops Logo

“As a start-up interior designer it is imperative to market myself effectively. Although I had gone through a website re-design in May 2014 I felt a little lost in terms of priorities for blogging and social media. I met with Jo and after a 2-hour consultation I had a completely new toolkit to my arsenal and have been constructing my social media marketing completely differently ever since. All the feedback I’ve had about my blog posts has been overwhelmingly positive, and new writing opportunities have come flooding in.

Jo is the master of “the lightbulb moments”, able to make something that appears to be so challenging and outside of your ability to be so simple! I cannot rate her enough – her manner is so approachable and once you’re in her circle she supports you whole-heartedly”.

Suzzy Smith of

Suzzy Smith   

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