What Sex And The City Taught Us In Business

You don’t need to be a fan of HBO’s sexy sitcom “Sex and the City”, however if you ARE a hardcore fan of this series, you may well nod your head in agreement when I tell you which scene I’m talking about here.

Carrie goes to write another fabulously indulgent column, when she is greeted with the danger noise and a little black exploding bomb telling her there’s a system error.

Mass hysteria prevails, she shrieks, cries and shouts at both her laptop and her boyfriend (poor old Aidan, he really was a saint!) – “What is this? Why is this happening?! I was right in the middle of a feature!”…. so many rhetorical questions, so much panic we can all relate to at one time or another, am I right in saying this?!

It causes arguments, frustration and many meltdowns when everything “just” disappears.



The PC repair guy asks Carrie when she last backed up, to which she replied “Ummm, I don’t do that”. 

It is so simple to forget to backup, it’s not one of those jobs etched into my mind to carry out on a daily basis and I only ever seem to be reminded when that annoying little notification pops up in the corner of my screen advising me that I haven’t backed up for 100 days – ok, ok, I’ll do it tomorrow I say as I click it off my screen!

Nobody talks about backing up, but it seems once you start chatting to people about it, it’s something they either do naturally or they join the same club as Carrie and pretend they have nooooo idea how important it is to do.

It’s so simple to backup your work to a hard drive, there’s even a “National Clean Out Your Computer Day” to ensure that you delete old emails and clean up your inbox… but this wouldn’t be required with a few routine check ups on your computer or laptop every once in a while.

Here’s a few tips from the Huffington Post on backing up, should you need some pointers to get thinking about this essential activity within your business!

So, the important question here is when did you last backup?….  

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