Time Management - How To Stay Sane

Time Management: How To Stay Sane

How do I keep sane whilst trying to manage not only my own task list, but those of my clients?

I struggle.

I will be 100% honest with you, some days (even weeks!) pass me by where I’ve literally been planted to my laptop for solid hours after hours, forgetting to move, eat, even sleep.

Terrible and I will admit whole heartedly, I need to get better at it myself. I read blogs that tell their readers how they manage to keep a work/life balance and how they keep sane whilst managing a hectic work schedule. Well, I take my hat off to those freelancers who breeze through their client work, their own blog life and manage to enjoy a peaceful zen-like status throughout… I can honestly say I am completely the opposite and need to give myself a breather from time to time.

This is how I feel I must say.

However, I do manage my client work, along with my blogging life (somehow!) and I’ve had to sit and reflect quite considerably to realise just how I manage to juggle it all on a daily basis.

So here are a few tips on how I see it, I hope it helps you with some inspiration too:

Time Management - How To Stay Sane

Hello, Trello! 

Trello was recently introduced to me and it’s a life saver when it comes to managing large to-do lists – you can even share them with your clients or colleagues so you can all work together on activities and tasks. It’s free to sign up and it beats pushing a scruffy notepad around, keeping you paperless when it comes to that task list – hurrah!

Just One Day

Make sure that you decide how you see your week working and stick to it as much as humanly possible, giving yourself however many days off you promise yourself for free time. It’s also important to schedule in a lunch break, tea break and even dinner or exercise routines. It’s scary just often I forget to eat lunch or go for a dog walk once I get wrapped up in a project – so I set myself a timer and make myself stop for what’s needed to keep me going, or else I’m going to be useless! Try this fab app called Coffitivity to help with a bit of background noise if you are working alone.

It’s OK To Outsource 

You aren’t a failure if you need help with a certain element in your business – in fact, quite the opposite – if you outsource those tasks that can be done by another professional, it gives you more time to focus your energy on other elements of your business. Collaborating with other professionals is also another great way to bring in more business, combining forces (and contacts) can be great for business. Don’t be scared to ask for help, you never know where it might lead! Try networking and see who you can meet, not only does it get you out of the house if working from home, but puts you in front of potential collaborators and clients.

Get Dressed For Business

As a freelancer working from home, sometimes I find it easy to stay in my pyjamas and work from my bed. Although sometimes it’s a great way to relax into my work, it’s not always the most productive way to manage my time. I find if I get dressed into a comfortable outfit, even if going nowhere, I feel as though I can switch off and have some personal time when I’m finished. My pyjamas are my “reward” for a good day worked, there’s nothing better than unleashing that bra and putting on a soft set of PJs to unwind and prep for the next day!

Take A Holiday!

And I don’t just mean book a weekend on the sofa or to visit the parents – go away to your dream destination, unplug all technology, eat, drink and be blinking merry! I’ve just enjoyed my first 3 week holiday ever, OK, so the come-down afterwards was a little harder than expected (an epic holiday will do that to you!), but go away and recharge.

Working From Home Doesn’t Mean “Day Off”

Some friends or family members might see you working from home as an easy way to access you, take you out for lunch or pop round for a chat. Make sure that you establish clear working hours for yourself, leave spaces for catching up with friends, but try not to allow them into your working day where possible – a 30 minute cuppa can easily turn into a 3 hour lunch… and that’s a lot of client work you’ve got to catch up on, so be strict with yourself AND with your family.

How do YOU manage your time? 

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