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The Internet Was Made For: Shipping Your Enemies Glitter

Image courtesy of Jared Zimmerman 

Ever sat and pondered as to why exactly the internet was made in the first place?

Some people suggest that it was for one and only purpose… porn.

However, I like to think that the internet was created to alienate boredom and educate us on the useless, yet wondrous universe now at our fingertips – with the internet to hand, life doesn’t ever need to be boring!

So today I ask, have you ever wondered how you can get your arch nemesis back in the office?

Tripping them up and blaming a loose cable or pranking them on the phone with a huge order to get their hopes up just isn’t enough to get them back for being your sworn enemy of the working world… well, actually, it might not have to be a colleague, this could be used with anybody/anywhere.

Ship Your Enemies Glitter Stir Up Media

You can now post an envelope jam-packed full of annoyingly spreadable glitter, sit back and watch them go crazy as they try to dust off their desk/chair/bag/clothes/face/general area around them after opening this exciting-looking parcel…

I almost want to try this on somebody myself, just to find out what damage this sparkly, usually-happy substance might cause – mwah ha ha ha.

As I said, the internet was made to educate us with the most wonderfully random offerings and this is just one of them.

Have a great week!


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