The Internet Was Made For: Cats That Look Like Hitler

The Internet Was Made For: Cats That Look Like Hitler

Ever sat and pondered as to why exactly the internet was made in the first place?

Some people suggest that it was for one and only purpose… porn.

However, I like to think that the internet was created to alienate boredom and educate us on the useless, yet wondrous universe now at our fingertips – with the internet to hand, life doesn’t ever need to be boring!

So today I ask, have you spotted a cat and thought to yourself; “This cat looks just like Adolf Hitler”…?

Well, if you have, then you should be joining the thousands of other feline-loving viewers on this website, it’s been around for years and they even support cat shelters in re-homing the homeless “kitlers” out there, it’s a fun website for those who aren’t easily offended at this idea.

As I said, the internet was made to educate us with the most wonderfully random offerings and this is just one of them.

Have a great week!


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