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Take A Look At Ikea’s Adjustable Standing Desk…

Gone are the days of getting a numb derrière from sitting too long at your desk… Those genius designers at Ikea have now come up with an automatic, adjustable desk for you to stand at to work those legs and keep the blood flowing whilst you work hard.

Personally, I think this is a fantastic idea and one that I might quite like to adopt myself.

As a freelancer, it’s so easy to get focussed on the work I do, however, as a result I do spend far too much time sat down and don’t think about moving around as much as I should once I’m engrossed.

This is a brilliant way to encourage some movement, what do you think?

Watch on YouTube: Ikea’s New Automatic, Adjustable Standing Desk

I recently spoke to my personal trainer who suggested that for every hour of sitting at her desk she was going to grab a skipping rope and go for it (for as long as she could hold out) before settling down again to her paperwork – sounds exhausting just listening to the idea if you ask me!

How do you encourage yourself to move around and keep the blood pumping?

Have you used a standing desk or would you try one? 

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  1. It’s such a good idea for health reasons x
    Laura | A Life With Frills

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