Elvis & Belvedere Stir Up Selfies 2

Stir Up Selfies: Elvis & Belvedere

Stir Up Selfie EddyWe like to have a little fun here at Stir Up Media with an infatuation of anything cute and fluffy, we just can’t help it!

Our weekend mornings are usually fuelled by lazy starts with a cuppa and a YouTube search for “Cute Puppies” or “Fluffy Baby Animals”… we literally can’t help ourselves when it comes to our furry companions.

So, in honour of our love for all creatures great and small, we introduce you to our “Stir Up Selfies” feature, of where we ask anyone who holds a “Stir Up Media” business card in their hands to get creative and take some “pinup” style photos with their loyal companions, sharing the results with us for the blog.

We started this tradition with Eddy, the Stir Up Media mascot and our friends just couldn’t help themselves, attempting to better our own photo shoot!

We recently received these awesome phElvis & Belvedere Stir Up Selfies 2otos from Cat of The Teatime Treatery and her two fluffy bundles of joy.


Introducing Elvis & Belvedere: 

Elvis and Belvedere are happily bonded brother buns, they were born in September 2013. Belvedere loves cuddles, attention, parsley and jumping into boxes. Elvis can be grumpy but deep down he’s a softy too, he loves looking after his little brother, coriander, thumping, and running through tunnels. They both love to bounce around the garden.


Elvis & Belvedere Stir Up SelfiesThe Selfie Photo Shoot: 

Elvis and Belvedere are seriously cute, that is until a camera comes out!  The little monkeys were mostly interested in picking up the card and throwing it around. Belvedere was most surprised to find Stir Up Media in his carrot patch and then again in his carrot tree! Elvis tried to take it by surprise in his green tunnel but eventually reversed out bottom first when he saw the camera!

Thanks so much to Cat (and Elvis & Belvedere!) for taking part in our Stir Up Selfies series, if you would like to put yourself (or somebody else worthy of being featured) forward, let’s talk!

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