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Stir Up Media – From Hobby To Jobby

I was recently interviewed by Allison Declercq-Matthias from The Cambridge Evening News about how I turned my hobby (afternoon tea-based events, of which evolved into hotel & spa reviews with my first brand, Miss Sue Flay) and how I came to own and work for my new business at Stir Up Media.

It was a great exercise, as I interview a fair few freelancers myself with my “Freelancer Friday” blog feature, so to discuss my own business and how I came to be here with this business-to-business service was a pleasurable experience.

Discussing the finer details, my previous experiences, failures and awesome positives made me feel amazing, I am so stupidly proud of being able to support myself with my own offerings. I never was an employable person, never taking direction from management very well, so this suits me down to the ground, I love it and certainly don’t take it for granted.

I could turn this post into a million different blog features, perhaps a “how to” on starting your own business.

No, I’m going to save that for another day,

For now, I want to give anybody who feels like giving it a go and starting their own business, perhaps they’re considering turning a hobby into a profession.

Cambridge Evening News Stir Up Media

My one golden piece of advice would be this.

Don’t just drop everything and go for it, make sure you’ve spent the time thinking about the worst possible scenarios (financials are so important as we all know!)… ensure you have enough money in the bank to support yourself and those around you if applicable.

But, ask yourself this: “What’s the worse that will happen?”

You may have to take a part time job if you aren’t quite ready, perhaps if it fails, you’ll need to go back into a full-time position, but that’s ok.

If you don’t try it, you will simply never know, so do it, go for it and if I can help in ANY way, drop me a line – I know what it’s like and it’s blimmin’ scary.

But you know what? It’s also awesome, exciting and the best thing you’ll ever do if you have the right drive and passion to give it your best.


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