Stir Up Media Duck Breast Salad Mistake

Smart Blogging Advice – Check Your Spelling!

I’m hoping that their there are no grammatical or spelling problems with this blog post or I may be about to look very silly indeed!

During a discussion over lunch today with a fellow creative, we had a good old chuckle about blog posts and how common it is to see glaringly obvious errors and how it makes you (as a reader) wonder how on earth the writer got it so wrong. We asked ourselves why bloggers and writers are not having their work double/triple checked to ensure that no fatal errors are made before that post is sent into the ether (she says, typing this post with nobody around to check it, ahem!)?


Stir Up Media Duck Breast Salad Mistake

Stir Up Media Duck Breast Salad Mistake

Not only did we discuss the spelling skills needed to create the perfect blog post, but also the failures that some brands (even big PR companies can sometimes get things very wrong!) encounter when creating a Twitter hashtag or a seemingly simple website address.

Yes, we spoke about the PR people behind Susan Boyle who most likely wished they had double-checked their hashtag wording before hitting the publish button on her album launch party…


This caused quite the stir, not because the idea of a launch party for SuBo’s new album was all people could think about, but because of the way this hashtag read to the filthier minded Twitter folk. Needless to say, although it went viral (for the very wrong reasons!) it was soon changed to #SusanBoylesAlbumParty to correct this epic mistake!

There have been so many mistakes made that have gone viral for the wrong reasons and they could be so easily avoided, given a little extra time to read over your wording before publishing. If there was one piece of advice I could give you on publishing a blog post, this would be it.

Stir Up Media Duck Breast Salad Mistake

If you make a spelling mistake, let alone MANY mistakes throughout a feature or post, this can lose the respect of your existing or potential clients or readers.

You could even miss out on a monumental press or PR opportunity due to your sloppy spelling and you might not even know it. There are hundreds, thousands of bloggers out there who can be turned to – you aren’t the only one and if you can’t be seen to be checking your work, then what does this say about you or your business?

Do you have a friend or a social media contact that you respect & trust? Perhaps you could ask them to glance over it if you are not 100% sure and offer them the same in return as a thank you. Two sets of eyes are certainly better than one, so this could be a great option if you are sat in a dark room alone whilst tapping away.

Check. Double Check. Triple Check. Check again!

That said, I recently made a pretty epic mistake myself within my closed “Stir Up Cambridge” Facebook page (a group I provide online support and networking between my clients & contacts).

I was innocently asking my group how they manage to fit in a lunch break when they have a busy schedule. It was a simple question and I’m going to be completely honest with you, this is how it went…

The conversation was pretty helpful to start with and I then went on to explain on this particular day that I was actually giving myself the time to enjoy a freshly cooked duck breast salad.


Good old “auto-correct” changed the word “DUCK” to a rather rude alternative…

Stir Up Media Duck Breast Salad Mistake

I didn’t realise right away, until somebody pointed it out (to which I thought THEY were the ones having a rather “interesting” lunch hour… I was mortified!

This shows that we are only human, sometimes the most obvious mistake can go unnoticed.

Luckily for me, this was a private group at the time (and now not such a private joke, as I’ve decided to share it!) and it caused quite the laugh between my network, so I have left it there to make light of an otherwise busy & serious working week for most of us!


Have you ever made a monumental mistake when posting a blog or social media update?

Leave a comment below to share your thoughts on this subject – I would LOVE to hear from you! 



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  1. Oh the perils of grammatical and spelling errors! I think everyone does this at some point. It’s one of my biggest fears as a blogger as my “real” job is as a sub-editor/journalist so it would be a self-imposed big slap on the wrist for me if I mess up!
    I definitely recommend asking someone else to read your posts if possible. Where I work no one ever transmits a story to our wire that they have written themselves – someone else ALWAYS checks it – as you can become ‘blind’ to what you have typed yourself and may miss the odd typo, literal or missing word.
    Great advice as always Jo! Off to go and enjoy a DUCK salad. Yum!

    • I couldn’t agree more Kate! I will get my work checked more regularly, noted!
      Enjoy your salad – Jo!

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