Should We Swear In Business?

Should We Swear In Business?

I recently watched a video created by Denise Duffield-Thomas at (Yup, she swears in her business name before we’ve even got started haha) asking the question:

Should you swear in your business or is it super unprofessional?


This topic came up in conversation with somebody that I work with as an accountability buddy and we discussed one of her competitors. This person “effs & jeffs” a hundred times a day and to my client, it gives her belief that people who don’t like the swearing might buy into her much more instead as a result.

Personally, within my home life, I am known to swear like a trooper – but this is my personal life and if I can’t be “me” then I’d be a true lie.

But, when it comes to my blog and my business, I wouldn’t write with lots of swear words – I want to be seen as a calm and professional person in business to gain the respect of my clients for being eloquent and caring.

If I swore like I do behind close doors with my best friends, I really don’t think I’d be as approachable in business and this is why I choose not to.

I’m not saying that swearing makes you any less professional in what you do, but does it change the perception your clients or potential clients might have of you?

Watch this video created by Denise and decide for yourself:

Do you think it’s unprofessional to swear in business?

Do you do it yourself?

Does it affect the clients you do (or don’t) gain?

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