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Since starting my new adventures with Stir Up Media in helping other businesses and individuals to get their heads around blogging or social media, there’s been one common question in most conversations I’ve had.

“How do I get started with a blog?” 

This question pops up a lot and with most websites allowing for a blog to be added to your site, there seems to be a real concern as to how to actually get started with a blog.

The people I talk to seem to be worried that nobody will want to hear what they have to say or they don’t know where to start with topics to share through their blogs – what’s with this defeatist attitude I often find myself asking them in return?!

YOU are the expert in your field or niche, people want to hear about your adventures, experiences, lessons learnt and more information about your brand and the passion behind it. They don’t want to be given the hard sell, so don’ t use a blog as a platform to scream about your latest offer every single day of the week, instead, share content and your knowledge and your readers will soon want more.

My advice would be to make yourself a cuppa, sit down with a good old fashioned pen and paper and give yourself just fifteen minutes to brainstorm, no longer initially. Write out all the topics that your customers or readers would want to hear more on, no matter what they might be. Jot all ideas down and then you have a starting point to get creating some content.


Go on, try it now, make a brew and “brain dump”, you might just be onto something! 

Now, that was easier than you thought, wasn’t it?!

And why was this task easier than you thought? Because YOU are the expert in your field, you know what you are talking about and you are ready to jot down your thoughts and share them online. That’s what your blog is there for, so use it and don’t be scared of it!


Content Sharing

Blog Inspiration with Stir Up MediaYou may follow and read a lot of blogs yourself, I most certainly do and I am subscribed to a site called Bloglovin’ that pops all my favourite bloggers into a daily email, listing all blogs posted within the last 24 hours. This keeps them all in once place for me so I don’t need to click onto every single blogger I follow to see if they’ve blogged recently – it’s a fantastic tool for blog inspiration.

I treat myself to half an hour most evenings on the sofa, I curl up and I click onto all of the blog posts that take my interest from that email. I then share my favourite weekly blog posts on my “Monday Mourning” blog series to shout about my favourite bloggers and their own passions and talents.

This is a perfect way to share content and allow you to post an interesting post to your own blog at the same time. It’s not all “me, me, me” and your readers may find one or two of such articles useful themselves, so this is well worth trying as just one idea.


Share Your Expertise

You might be a domestic cleaning service, so your readers might want to know some tricks to keep their kitchen floor sparkling with only the use of natural products or you could be a professional photographer and share your top tips on how to take simple yet effective food photography or how to avoid disappointing wedding photos on your big day.

Simply just doing our job means that we sometimes take for granted the level of knowledge we have about our specialised subjects. NEVER underestimate this and realise that there are people out there that want to learn from you.

Giving your readers the correct advice is the perfect way to show off your knowledge and prove that you know your stuff over your competitors. As a result, people will get to know you or your brand better and will invest time in doing so – you just never know where this might lead!



Blog Inspiration with Stir Up MediaInterviews and collaborative projects are another great way to create content for your blog.

You could interview somebody that inspires you or that does something to compliment your own blog or business.

I feature a regular blog series titled “Freelancer Friday” where I ask questions to business owners and freelancers who inspire me personally on how they manage their working life. I’m a curious person by nature, I love to find out where people work from, how they design their products, what inspires them and so on – it’s a great way to create new content and learn from the professionals around me.

Who could you collaborate with? Consider talking to other professionals within your niche and get creative, blogs don’t have to be hard work or filled with boring content, simply be yourself, share your knowledge and be true to your brand.


What are your top tips when it comes to starting a blog and creating relevant blog posts? 


Has this post inspired you to start blogging? If so, this is great news and I would love to read them, so do leave a link below! 

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