One-On-One Coaching

I help bloggers, brands, businesses and freelance creatives focus on their grand plans for online domination, create ideas that work and reach an active and engaging audience through my own blogs and social media channels.

I really, really love blogging. Writing blogs, reading blogs, talking about blogs and networking with other bloggers, connecting with individuals or organisations through Twitter, as well as sharing my top tips when it comes to blogging and social media of which people can apply to their own blogs, brands or businesses.

I now want to help you with one-on-one coaching, no matter what your requirements.

You might be: 

Wanting to improve your technical know-how through blogging or social media

Attending/hosting an event and in need of social media support/coverage throughout

Full of amazing ideas, but no idea just quite how to put them into action 

 Planning to use your blog or social media to help boost/promote your business

▽ Looking to connect with a specific person or company – I may be able to help!

 Completely stale with ideas or inspiration and need a gentle nudge to help the flow

 Hoping to learn how to attract new clients/followers/readers online (and off!)

 Stuck as to how to network and put yourself out there, physically as well as online

 Needing somebody to help with problem solving any issues that you’re experiencing

 Feeling lost with your existing blog or social media platforms & need a refreshing outlook

▽ Needing to start an online presence, but feeling totally overwhelmed as to where to start

▽ Looking for an accountability buddy to be there for you on a regular basis – just ask!


If you are baffled as to how the world of blogging or social media actually works for a brand/individual or how on earth you even get started with the online universe, you’re in the right place.

One-On-One Coaching

When & Where?

I can meet you in Cambourne if you are based in Cambridge (we have a few great meeting places in Cambridge and surrounding areas to meet up), I can come to your business or we can meet “virtually” either by telephone or Skype for a one-on-one coaching session – the choice is yours, making me accessible where in the world you might be.

You choose the day and time to suit yourself – I’m flexible.

The Process?

Drop me a line through my contact form or email, requesting one-on-one coaching 

▽ You will receive details of how to book, along with a pre-session questionnaire on booking, helping   both you and me to understand where you need support and focus

▽ I will carry out a blog/social media audit (taking around an hour) prior to meeting, making notes to go through & discuss during our session

▽ Afterwards, you will receive the notes from your pre-session audit, as well as a list of actionable points to work on following our session 

One-On-One Coaching

Clients & Expertise

I have worked with brands such as HotpointChampneysHotel du VinJohn LewisKenwood,MalmaisonRegusTravelodge and Vax. I have also worked for, formally, within their customer service team, hosting their social media accounts and training their large call centre team to handle the same accounts out of hours.


What my Clients Are Saying

Jo is the master of “the lightbulb moments”, able to make something that appears to be so challenging and outside of your ability to be so simple! I cannot rate her enough – her manner is so approachable and once you’re in her circle she supports you whole-heartedly”.

– Suzzy Smith of


Let’s Talk

If you’d like to connect with me, then please do hunt me down on FacebookInstagramPinterest & Twitter, for starters!

Thanks so much for taking the time to get to know me and drop me a line or email when I can help!