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Monday Mourning: You Lift Me Up

Monday Mourning Stir Up MediaIt can be tricky to get yourself into the right mindset on a Monday morning, especially as a freelancer, it can be a struggle if you aren’t strict to get yourself motivated after a busy period – I know this feeling all too well.

The first thing I do on a Monday morning is stick on my latest music playlists on Spotify and enjoy some chilled out tunes to get me in the mood before I sit down at my desk.

If you need something to chill out to, then I highly rate Annie Dressner and for something more rocky and fun, check out Walk Off The Earth for their spin on some classic pop tunes.

This past week I’ve literally spent too much of my free time staring at YouTube and watching cute animal videos, but sometimes you just need to do these things to lift your mood!


Now, here’s some posts to lift you up this fine Monday morning: 


Business & Social Media: 

The first rule of going into business?… Gala Darling writes about going with your gut as a “girlboss”.

Don’t forget that EVERYTHING you do is marketing…

The Marvel superhero that you will have never heard of and his 1.3 million Twitter followers!

Why sometimes you should actually say no to blogging opportunities.

If you’ve got fifteen minutes, why not follower this advice from Buffer and follow their social media audit?!


Food & Drink:

Start your day off with a healthy banana & peanut butter smoothie to put a smile on your face – it’s truly delicious.

We love this “Bonkers, Awesome” video series with Joy The Baker – what a girl!

A new collective of street food traders are hitting the streets of Cambridge with FoodPark, it’s an exciting weekly occurrence that everybody should enjoy & support – yes, it’s only Monday, but sometimes you need to plan in your weekly treats…

Zen Tapas” at London’s new Boris Johnston-themed restaurant anyone?!

Fancy having a recipe published in a book all about cake, as a member of a free club that’s, you guessed it, all about cake?!


Marvel Wonder WomanEverything Else:

Everyone knows that famous saying by Joey in “Friends”…. here’s a showreel of many great TV catchphrases in one go.

Do you ever get told as a blogger or business that “you’re lucky”? Do you always get annoyed that this comment means the hard work you put in isn’t understood? Read on my friends…!

The anatomy of a piñata. Enough said.

Good old Pinterest – I found this fantastic & free blog planner, there are really now no excuses for being unorganised when it comes to plotting your beloved blogs…

And lastly, if ever you needed a chuckle and like me, love a cute puppy, well…. watch this pup versus a robotic spider for some much needed cuteness on a Monday morning!


Have a fantastic week!


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