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Monday Mourning: Wake Me Up Before You Go

Monday Mourning Stir Up MediaLe Tour De France is pedaling through Cambridge today and although I’m not hot on cycling myself, it’s exciting for our fair City and I can’t help but have woken up feeling positive about the week ahead as a result.

The very next Cambourne Network is also being held at The Belfry Hotel in Cambourne this Wednesday (9th July) and I’m hosting this, so what’s not to love?!

The sun is shining, the weekend has been relaxing, so let’s go into a new week feeling creative and inspired – why on earth not?!

I don’t know about you, but I love spending my Sunday afternoons flicking through my favourite blogs and I’m never at a loss for inspiration, no matter the topic I need to find a feature on.

In fact, I can’t remember the last time I read a proper book… that’s a little bad isn’t it?!

Here’s some of my favourite blog posts to wake you up and get you in the mood this beautiful Monday morning:


Business & Social Media: 

Emma Cossey shares her tips on how to be a better public speaker – I know I need this myself!

Is your blog failing? Here’s some reasons as to why it may be… along with how to fix it!

Marie Forleo talks about the fear of losing our success and what to do if it all goes away…. Her videos are a refreshing outlook on business life, take a look for some positivity.

Are you worried that you aren’t being as a productive as you could be as an employee or  freelancer? Here’s how to have the most productive day. Ever.

After you’ve made that jump into self-employment, how do you keep up with a successful brand and grow your business? A great little podcast to listen to here with advice on the question on most of our lips.


Le Tour De France Cambridge Monday Mourning with Stir Up Media Food & Drink:

Seeing as it’s still fairly summery out there, here’s some new twists on a classic lemonade to quench the thirst!

I was recently challenged to this chocolate cake creation, of which a fellow social media addict resulted in an epic fail… can you beat this cakey beast?!

Treacle Flaps with The Gentleman Baker – oooer missus!

For all chocoholics out there, these chocolate-topped strawberry eclairs are a must!

Gluten free barbecued potatoes by those cheeky Domestic Sluts… yes please!


Everything Else:

We all do these things when home alone, don’t we?!

Kat Williams introduces us to the “social media network for two”… Would you use this?

Who isn’t a sucker for a smiling dog?! Meet Maru, the happiest dog in Japan – awwwww!

Tiny houses – have owners quite got the point of their use?!

Should you need any more reasons to procrastinate, why not give this project a go… 15 projects using paper with A Beautiful Mess.


Have an awesome week. 




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