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Monday Mourning: The Blogcademy Blues

Monday Mourning Stir Up MediaOver the last couple of weeks I’ve been up to my neck in inspiration from The Blogcademy workshop that I attended in London, hosted by the very talented Kat Williams, Shauna Haider & Gala Darling.  These ladies are just some of my blogging idols and I’ve left this weekend workshop with a desire to blog about absolutely everything that comes to my mind… and that’s a lot of blogs to plan!

It was amazing to meet so many passionate bloggers in one space and we really started to get to know each other, it was just brilliant!

My first day back to reality was a bizarre one to say the very least, after such a full-on weekend of learning & networking, I became a complete zombie that Monday (read my blog post about this event here as my “alter ego”). I couldn’t tell you what I did all day, I sat in a daze and felt so tired and overwhelmed that I couldn’t function, not a feeling I’m used to – it was a real come down!

Now that I’ve had time to breathe and take it all in, I’ve become a much better planner when it comes to my blogs. I have two blogs, this one as well as Miss Sue Flay and I’m breathing new life into the latter as I tap away. I want to travel, see more of the world, learn more about business and help other brands in learning to blog and Tweet their way around the online universe… workshops are in the planning too, it’s all go I tell you!

In the meantime, I thought I would share with you just some blog posts from my fellow bloggers at the London Blogcademy event and some of the fun we had, mixed with some inspired posts to be created from the knowledge we soaked up!

The Blogcademy London

Bloggers to follow: 

Check out Hello Harriet and her photo roundup of the event – she won the “scholarship” place for this event, so she was one lucky gal!

Cat at The Teatime Treatery (a personal friend of mine) has created a regular blog spot titled “Vintage Heartthrobs” – I love this idea and I’m hoping she’ll post Dick Van Dyke as my own guilty pleasure!

Kate at Beak Up Crafts is a sports journalist by day and by night she’s a crafty/food-loving blogger and has written up her 10 reasons why The Blogcademy rocks here.

If you love indie/electronica/rock & pop music… Indietronica is for you. Sarah Puttock is the genius behind this blog and she was a great “selfie” buddy throughout the workshop!

The Blogcademy London

Charlie at The Runner Beans was a great fellow “Blogadette” and we chatted about running tips and diet between mouthfuls of cupcake or sips of cocktails… follow her blog and read up on ways to pace yourself through to a healthy lifestyle.

Madmoizelle BeeBee was one of the furthest travelling guests, coming from France for this event, she was more than inspiring and owns many different coloured variations of the tutu…what’s not to love?! Follow her for stunning photography and wedding photo inspiration.

Tam & Sam is a superb blog for stylish goings-ons and beautiful photography – check out their blog for short, but visually stunning posts.

Charlotte Thomson Morley was the live scribe at this event, sketching beautiful pictures of the Blogcademy Headmistresses and their guests throughout the weekend, she’s one talented artist and I think you’ll love this post she has written on how to stay sane as a creative person!

The Blogcademy London

We all love a good old cuppa and this is a blog to enjoy… A cup of tea with Mrs B… Reema came to the Blogcademy weekend with her own ears, she’s a crafty so and so and charming to boot, you’ll all love her style I’m sure!

Jessica at Fierce in the City is also French Blogadette and creates stunning and useful posts from her makeshift home, wherever she may be traveling at the time she writes. I love her recent post on CoSchedule, the social editorial calendar.

The Blogcademy London

And lastly, the stunning photography from the event was taken by Holly Booth and videography from Lara Elliott, both very friendly ladies who blended in so well that we didn’t know our photos were being taken most of the time! See the full set of images from this weekend event here.


I should think if nothing else, we would all agree that The Blogcademy was a superb weekend and it’s well worth checking out!


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