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Monday Mourning: Spice Up Your Life

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It’s getting warmer (marginally!), the nights are getting longer, however, I’m noticing many people are still feeling a little lethargic or under the weather (boo!) and are in need of some pampering or a little break ready for the build up to Easter (how did thatcreep up already?).

The business advice & blog posts I’m reading are all magically geared up to create some positivity throughout business and creative projects alike and I’m loving the engagement I’m seeing through social media groups & pages, the blogging world is a friendly one for sure and I’m thrilled to be just a small part of it.

“Blog Cambridge” and a new business networking series are both in my daily plans at the moment and I’m plotting some very exciting plans indeed for bloggers, as well as local businesses – I’m hoping to bring my creative mastermind and networking prowess to make Cambridge proud – so watch this space very closely and sign up to my mailing list for news in the near future!

Here’s just some of the positive and thought-provoking advice I’ve stumbled upon recently, I hope it helps you to personally get through this next week or so:

ReeRee Rockette Monday Mourning


Jessica says has a fantastic blog post on how it’s actually okay to slow down when you’re feeling sick… you aren’t a machine!

Ever thought about quitting? Your idols or inspiring role models may well have experienced the same feelings, but they didn’t quit – read this post by A Little Opulent.

Want to learn how to be super productive whilst working from home? Claire at Claireabelle Makes shares some fab tips on just this with her “Productivity for busy people” blog series.

I love this post written by Chris Guillebeau on how you should stop moaning and just get on with making your life suck less… if that’s how you feel!

Fancy learning some quick and smart photography trickery to get you started on your blog quick sharp? The Blogtacular team share their pointers.

Problogger is here to give you some advice if you think you need a massive amount of followers or readers to make it as a full-time blogger…

Claireabellemakes Monday Mourning


Fancy taking on an Instagram challenge for March?… Check out this fab challenge set by Kate at Beak Up Crafts – I might even indulge myself, I’m a bit of an Instagram addict!

Having a bad day? ReeRee Rockette at Rockalily talks about how a bad mood is never going to be made better by staying in a bad mood – I love this advice.

Do you offer a product or service that could require using a mobile payment device on the go? Here’s everything you need to know from Oh No Rachio.

And lastly, if you’re a geek like me, I think you’ll love this video – it shows you what goes on inside a DSLR when you snap a photo – I adore the PhotoJoJo blog for this sort of geekery!

Have a great week!


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