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Monday Mourning: Music Of My Life

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This weekend saw me visiting the BBC Radio Cambridge studios, as I was invited to join the charismatic and darn right gawjus Nick Conrad for the “Music Of My Life” section of his Sunday morning breakfast show.

This is similar in format to Desert Island Discs, where you pick some of your favourite tunes and talk a little about your life and other such fun trivia. It was, as always, a hoot as Nick just makes you feel so easy in the studio, I love him to bits – I’ll be back in a month or two to join him for our semi-regular newspaper slot to discuss the lighter elements of the current news.

So, we discussed where I grew up and why I’m such a country-loving gal, where my alter ego (Miss Sue Flay) came from and why I created Stir Up Media, discussing our favourite forms of social media as we nattered over a cuppa. It was all very civilised and I’ve once again tried to get Mr Conrad interested in Twitter…time will tell, although I’m not feeling confident of his attention span…

Jo & Nick BBC Radio Cambridge

I was also thrilled that Nick thought I was smelling amazing, that was 100% my intention after a very recent introduction to the Cambridge Jo Malone store. I’ve, this weekend, enjoyed a hand and arm massage, as well as a little splurge to make an impression as I enter a room – it only went and worked on the first day after my scent education – result! I’m now in love with Jo Malone, oh dear and yippee in equal measures!

We discussed my upcoming plans for some blogging and social media workshops, all whilst wearing silly sparkly ears (courtesy of my visit to The Blogcademy a few weeks back!) and between sections we took silly selfies and posted them to Instagram… I love messing around and we had a great morning.

Plans are also in motion for some get-togethers and networking opportunities for local bloggers & creatives, so watch this space!

You can listen to my interview with Nick here, simply zone into approx. 14 minutes into the show.

Only three of my chosen songs were played on the show as we chatted so much and I’d given them a long list in case some were a little too obscure or not on their playlist. In honour of the eclectic tracks I chose for this show, I’m going to share my choices with you  this Monday morning to get you in the mood for the week, I hope you enjoy!

Stir Up Media Lissie at Latitude Festival

Annie Dressner – Fly

Angus & Julia Stone – Big Jet Plane

David Bowie – Sound and Vision

Edith Piaf – La Vie en Rose 

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich – Hold Tight!

Lissie – When I’m Alone 

Alice Cooper – Poison

Katzenjammer – I Will Dance

Francoise Hardy – Voila

Monday Mourning Stir Up Media

And if THIS doesn’t make you feel chirpy, I don’t know what will!…

Walk off the Earth – Happy


If you are a Spotify nerd (like me!), then I’ve popped all of these songs onto a dedicated playlist, so you can listen to my favourite tracks there too! 


Have a great week!



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