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Monday Mourning: It’s Time To Fly!

I recently wrote a feature on some companies making their employees take annual leave at certain times of the year to make sure that they were rested and suitably stress-free throughout the year.

It dawned on me a few weeks back that I’m simply not practicing what I preach, I haven’t had a ‘proper’ holiday in 7 years and it’s about time I did something about it… so as you read this, I will most likely be jetting off on my EasyJet flight to sunnier climes!

For those of you that need something to keep you from feeling a little down in the mouth about it being another dreary Monday morning, here are some of my favourite blog links from the last week:

Holly Booth Photography

Holly Booth Photography

Gala Darling (and her readers!) is excited about her recent book deal, but she recently blogged about how you need to stop waiting to be picked and reach your goals yourself.

Marie Forleo tells you why nobody needs what you are selling… and why that is a good thing!

Fancy a standing desk? How about turning your chair into one?!…

Buffer offer their tips on different ways to write a social media update and how to engage with your followers.

Could a password change your life?!

Gala Darling

Learn some important styling tips when it comes to your own photography with Holly Booth.

And lastly, do you like a bit of gore with your cake? For those with an iron stomach, this gory halloween event is going to epic… who’s joining me at the latest offering from Miss Cakehead and her fellow cake lovers?!


Have a great week!


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