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Monday Mourning: It’s All About The Network

Monday Mourning Stir Up MediaThis last week at Stir Up Media saw me hosting the second Cambourne Network event and it packed a punch, with over 30 guests over this two hour networking event on the outskirts of Cambridge! Our first event saw less than half this number, so they have both been a very different style of event.

It got me thinking how much I love all kinds of networking and helping people with their social media in Cambridge – the smaller events are fantastic for getting to know people better and hearing all of the conversation, not missing anyone out and sharing advice, these can be great ways to network. The larger events are equally as fantastic for meeting a lot of people within a short period of time, it means that I have to get to know the brief details of somebody very quickly and figure out if we might be able to connect in some way.

I’m aware that it’s not as simple as that, it takes time to get to know somebody, but that’s why you should keep going back to these networks as a freelancer, I may have an addiction to networking!

In fact, I recorded a little podcast on AudiBoo with the input of some of my network guests on why networking is important as a business or freelancer – you can listen here.

Here’s some of my favourite blog posts to get you in the mood this Monday morning: 


Business & Social Media: 

What are YOUR top apps for iPhone or iPad?

Mrs Thrifty talks about how she intends to deal with “disclosure” on her blog… should we all be shouting out when we’ve paid for something vs a freebie?

Here’s some interesting & innovative blog post ideas that you won’t have seen a million times before, this Sarah Von Bargen is a good lass!

Some advice from Quicksprout on how to get your blog posts read in full by your readers!


Stir Up Media Cambourne NetworkFood & Drink:

Are you as terrible as me and eat your breakfast at your desk? Well, here’s some “desk friendly” suggestions to keep things interesting!

Salted. Double. Chocolate. Ice Cream. I need not say anything more…

Rachel Khoo is a devil when it comes to enticing me into the kitchen, she only has to flutter her apron at me and I’m hers… these lavender & raspberry scones have been in my dreams for days!

If you’re more of a drinker… then check out the “Michelangelo Milkshake”!


Everything Else:

How are you doing in business? Are you worried about what people will think of you?… Alexandra Franzen asks how much do you like your self?!

When negativity takes over, it’s VERY difficult to think positive thoughts, so here is a blog post from Zoe London with advice on how to become more positive.

I LOVE this table – I want one! A new design that allows two people to enjoy a bite to eat in the simplest of ways…technology-be-gone!

Chris Guillebeau gives some honest advice on writing a book and tells us the best way to do this is to head to a boring place…


Here’s a thought for the week – is networking important to you and your business? How do you make it work for you? What do you get out of it (IF anything?!) – I’d love to hear from you, so Tweet me to discuss or let’s talk!


Have a fantastic week.



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