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Monday Mourning: Good Vibes

It’s getting chillier, the clocks have gone back, we are headed into a seasonal time of year and marketing & PR teams are getting even more creative when it comes to showing off brands & companies.

I have been enjoying swotting up on some brands, inspiring blog posts and the interesting stories (and campaigns) behind them, I hope you enjoy these over a cuppa today too:

I love this fascinating story of Oreo cookies and how a pretty average biscuit has become a worldwide sensation

Paul at Lewis Anderson talks about why you should think of your brand as a cathedral

This company gives their employees $1,500 to go on a far-flung adventure

Interesting read on an abandoned airport in Congo that became a playground…

The top 5 things you can learn from the “Greggs VS Google” Twitter debacle

Fancy joining the ladies at The Blogcademy in 2015?… new dates, including an awesome-sounding level 2 workshop now booking

Do you make $15,000 a month?… This dog does! 

If you need some early morning inspiration to get working hard before everyone else, “Jessica Says” shares her early-rising wisdom for a productive day – really useful!

Lastly, an inspiring story of a girl and her cat

Do share your favourite stories, thoughts and blog links below from your weeks’ reading in the comments! 

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