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Monday Mourning: Explore Your Inner Nerd

Monday Mourning Stir Up MediaThis last week has been exhausting, but in a terrific way, including the launch of the Cambourne Network of which was a huge success with 20 different businesses joining me for a cup of coffee and an informal chat about our favourite topics. Needless to say, there will be more meet ups, so do keep in touch with these by following the group here.

I’ve been getting to grips with my age and the realisation has recently set in that I am in desperate need of new spectacles to help me see my work – helpful really! So, I’ve been enjoying this new experience of actually seeing clearly and I’m getting used to my new looks with two new pairs of goggles. Simple things. Truly.

Now, let’s get this Monday Mourning off the ground, here’s some blogs that I’ve been enjoying – I’ve been enjoying all sorts of nerdy reads this week and hope you learn a thing or two as well:


Business & Social Media: 

The Blognix team advise on how to not look like a “newbie” blogger and help you through a steep learning curve with some really handy tips & tricks.

Here’s just two words you need to know to win an argument fast – I adore that Marie Forleo!

Kat Williams talks about peer pressure and how it might not always be a bad thing…

Ever wondered what job position might you be holding in 2030?

Jo Specs Stir Up Media

Food & Drink:

Lynn at The Clandestine Cake Club has been blogging with her advice on soaking your cake sponge for a perfectly moist cake. Mmmm cake!

Head over to the Bitchin’ Kitchen for some homemade pizza ideas.

Snickers. In. Brownies. Enough said. We need these, now!

Imagine these as a last course in the garden after a summer barbeque… gorgeous raspberry & rhubarb pinwheels.


Everything Else:

There’s a new app that teaches kids about nutrition…. run by fart power. Yes. Really.

One of my favourite bloggers, Claireabellemakes, has a serious filofax addiction and I love reading about it!

Find out what magazine freebies are out there this month from Miss Thrifty.

And lastly, who doesn’t want to visit a floating city in the middle of the ocean?!…


Have a fantastic week!


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