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Monday Mourning: Change The Blogging Record

I’ve recently been plotting some very exciting plans for Stir Up Media (Cambridge business owners & creatives, watch this space!) and whilst I delve into the world wide web in search of inspiration, I’ve taken on some advice given to me a few weeks ago.

At The Blogcademy London meet up a few weeks back, fellow blogger, Gala Darling told us that once in a while it’s good practice to unfollow blogs that have gone a little stale for your liking and mix in some new ones for sparkling new blogging fuel.  So, I’ve logged into my Bloglovin’ account and added a heap of new bloggers to my reading list to add some new magic to my online life… and today I share with you just some of the brand new blogs I’ve stumbled upon!

Cakes With Faces

Cakes With Faces

Not only have I been searching for new blogs, but I’ve also been writing some of my own, including a guide on things to know before starting a blog, a recent interview with the fabulous Amy Crabtree of Cakes with Faces for my regular Freelancer Friday slot (she’s a fascinating gal!) and a link to some advice from Kat Williams of Rock N Roll Bride on best practices for blogging success… I hope you enjoy!

I’ve also created my first YouTube video on how to get your blog or brand seen… I hope you enjoy the advice I have here, there’s plenty more where that came from! In fact, if there’s something you’d like to learn from me personally, please get in touch and let me know, I want to gear my new videos towards your interests, so drop me a line! 

Here’s some new blog inspiration to send you into a positively fantastic week: 

Sometimes you just need to learn to procrastinate the day away… and not feel guilty for it – check out Paper & Stitch for some stunning photography & ideas.

I know for one that my office looks nothing like this stunning workspace, belonging to Holly Booth, jealous, moi?! – Perhaps, a little!

Holly Booth Photography

Holly Booth Photography

We are all aware of SEO and how important it is… to a point… But, do we know of the SEO techniques that might hurt our business? You might be interested to read this post over at Pro Blogger.

I’ve recently “met” through Twitter, a very talented British jewellery maker called Jon Lendrum and I can’t stop daydreaming about his stunning creations, these pieces are my kind of every day wear.

Monday Mourning Stir Up Media

Crafting is something I’ve always admired, I have never been crafty, but I’ve recently been meeting a lot of crafters who have inspired me to nosey at projects – even if I’ll never get involved myself! If you love crafty blogs, Tilly and the Buttons is one for you and she has some workshops coming up!

Mollie Makes have blogged about vintage cameras and decor ideas using them… this is a new fetish of mine, but I was always worried how to show them off, oh dear!

Here’s an interesting post on the fear of saying no (your “fono”)… Karen Gunton explains how it’s ok to say no!

Holly Booth Photography

Holly Booth Photography

Have an awesome week!



PS – If you are gagging for more link inspiration, check out my other “Monday Mourning” posts here!


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  1. I love Tilly and the Buttons! Just wish I could sew

    • Haha me too Kate… I can’t sew for toffee… I’m in awe of anyone who can be that crafty!

  2. Ooh me likey!
    I’d like to think I can put my hand to most things when creating- I think I’ve inherited some fairly logical mindset from my parents allowing me to look at something and think “hmm, I bet this would do x, and so y would do z”. I’m not afraid of having a go at them, either. But then there are people who wouldn’t dream of having the guts to have a go. And that’s what I’m like with other aspects of life!

    • Great attitude to have Suzzy – I always try to be the very same!

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