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Monday Mourning: A Few Minutes Guvnor?

Howdy… How was your weekend? Inspiring and relaxing in equal measures I hope?!

I spent Friday at a networking event in sunny Wolverhampton and boy, oh boy, it was an interesting day… I met some lovely people, but I also found it very overwhelming with some very overpowering encounters. In fact, it made me realise how passionate I am about creative networking and going for the more informal and fun approach to networking & events, so watch this space for more news on “Blog Cambridge“, plans are well and truly in motion and it won’t be long now!

In the meantime, if you haven’t read my latest blogging advice post on checking your spelling and my very own monumental spelling error made recently, why not have a read if you fancy a chuckle?

Here are some of my favourite blog links from over the past week to share with you here this fine Monday morning – enjoy!

Shauna Haider

Do you put off blogging or writing because you aren’t a “natural writer”? Chris Guillebeau puts it simply here.

I’ve recently been hearing a lot of good things about the new book by Sophia Amoruso called #GirlBoss… Shauna Haider of Nubby Twiglet has reviewed the book and it’s inspired me order a copy myself.

ReeRee Rockette from Rockalily has recently reviewed a brand new app called “Snupps” – Check out her verdict!

Looking for a new desk chair? Design Sponge has created a great blog post on classic movies & their alter ego chairs…

Ever spotted some familiar content on another website and realised your hard work has been copied?… Nathalie Lussier teaches us how to stay ahead of your competition and deal with the copycats.

Now the iPhone 6 has launched, there will be a fair few of us with old iPhones kicking around… PhotoJoJo shows us some good ideas to get some usage out of the old handsets instead of shoving them into the back of a drawer!

Monday Mourning


Have a great week!


PS – If you’d like even more inspiration and Monday Mourning blog posts to read, simply click here for the entire series!

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