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Happy Xmas Once Again – I Have Some News…

This is a very quick (and hugely belated!) blog to wish everybody a very happy Christmas and an even happier New Year for 2016!

I want to take the time to thank each and every person who has crossed my path through Stir Up Media throughout 2015 – I know that a blog is much more impersonal than a personalised Christmas card, but I don’t know everybody’s home address and I don’t physically have the time to do this, so I thought this blog post might be better than nothing – especially given my radio silence over the past 4 months or so – of which I have a legitimate reason which needs addressing in a separate post for the New Year, so watch this space if you want to read what’s happening in my world for 2016 onwards! 

One person I do want to tip my hat to is one fabulously talented, kind-hearted lady who deserves a public mention. 

I spent much of this year working with the lovely Hayley Williams at Keystone Marketing (read more about her here), based in St Neots, helping with her client work from a social media perspective and I have learnt a lot working alongside her throughout 2015. Hayley offers social media and marketing support, so she could have been hugely protective of her client work, as most social media “gurus” can be in my own experience. However, Hayley embraced my own personal experience and we worked well to help her clients as a team of our own – this is how ALL sole traders should be in my opinion, there shouldn’t be any bitching / fighting / hiding / stealing from each other – we should all work together to make the world around us a better / happier / healthier place – everybody could learn a little from Hayley on that score. 

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Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, I changed my services/offerings towards the end of this summer due to not being happy with what I was doing (more on this in my next blog) and so Hayley and I have since parted ways. But, I want to thank her for her genuine support and friendship through a hard time for me with my “Stir Up Media” hat on. 

Hayley is currently looking to expand Keystone Marketing, so I urge anyone who is looking for more work or a new challenge to take a look here

And so, to a new year once again – I hope that you have truly exciting plans and positive things are happening for you all!

Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy 2016. 


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