Do More Of What Makes You Happy

Do More Of What Makes You Happy (Every Day!)

With the fast-paced lives we all lead, I think it’s safe to say that the standard response most of us give when asked “How are you doing?” is something along the lines of… “Oh, I’m so busy, it’s just crazy at the moment”.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Do you hear it all the time? Is it your standard response to these sorts of questions?

It’s completely normal – we all live our life at a million miles per hour, cramming in work and trying to mix in social elements, as well as hobbies, passions or part-time projects to boot.

Technology now also provides us with an entire underworld, a chance to live a separate life as an alter ego through a blog or social media platform, we can “stalk” the people around us with ease and connect with them at the touch of a button – we rarely switch off, some of us even go to bed still tapping away at that virtual life when there’s time to do so.

Sometimes even I have to remind myself to stop, switch off and do things for myself.

Do More Of What Makes You Happy (Every Day!)

How often do you simply indulge in the pleasures within your own life? What are those simple pleasures? Do you need to think about that a little too long as you read this post? When was the last time you actually treated yourself to something that makes you happy (no matter how small it may be)?

I recently read a post written by Daniella from and on doing more of what makes you happy and she had designed some stunning (and downloadable) hand lettered artwork stating this boldly. She got me thinking, I probably don’t do things for myself as much as I should… I always tell myself I’m going to, but I usually find an excuse for not doing so.

Here are just some of the little pleasures in my own life – perhaps they will inspire you to take action and pamper yourself deservedly too:

Take a holiday  Go to a live gig Enjoy a coffee in a favourite coffee shop  Make the bed & get back into it for a sneaky lay in  Call a friend & catch up  Watch a box set & get addicted  Prepare a favourite meal just yourself & set the table for one  Get in the car & take a random road trip  Go camping & play roadside bingo to pick up food from the stalls on the way  Visit a beach and look for heart shaped stones  Visit a spa Ask your friends for their favourite music of the moment & compile a playlist Go Geocaching  Create your homemade spa treatments if on a budget Go to the cinema alone and enjoy hogging the popcorn Aim to read 10 pages of a book per day – no more excuses  Go for a walk with a camera and snap away at your surroundings  Try some Radical Self Love with Gala Darling  Curl up under a blanket with a magazine and a bar of chocolate  Paint your nails  Pluck & Preen (yes, sometimes I forget to allow time for this maintenance tut tut!)  Find some new favourite bloggers & get inspired   Take a pen to paper and plot some plans  Make tea in your favourite teapot, add some fresh flowers or a candle to a tray & turn a tea break into a ceremony  Clean your home room by room – don’t let it stress you out, bite sized cleaning is a perfect solution  Book a holiday or mini break  Try meditating (download an app to help you)  Write a letter to a friend or the love of your life  Explore a new city  FaceTime with a loved one rather than call (video can make it much more fun)  Explore your own home town/village (I recently discovered a stunning ruined church on my boyfriends’ doorstep, he had no idea it was there)  Drink lots of water (it’s so easy to forget!)  Enjoy some puppy cuddles – they’re some of the best kind!  Do a good deed  Match a meal to your favourite film for a fun themed evening  Put fresh linen on your bed – best smell ever!  Try a new sport (Roller Derby anyone?!)  Get dressed up with nowhere to go (why do you need an excuse?!)  Say YES more – you never know where it will lead  Write down the first 101 things you’ve been wanting to do – then do them Volunteer Jump in a puddle – yep it really still is fun! Go for a run ▽ Say no a little more ▽ Get a tattoo ▽ Tea & Toast makes the world a better place 


What could you do more of to make you happy this year? 

I’d love to hear your thoughts – leave a comment below, or join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter!

Daniella from

Daniella from

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  1. Thanks Jo,
    It applies to me (I’m going to watch a film not for children, and have 30mn in my garden…)
    Time is also our big thing at 10to8 getting a diary that fees up some ‘me’ time. I had a great story from sorrel who can now enjoy breakfast not having to text all of the day’s customers. Elke freed some time to practice for the London marathon. Luke can take bookings by the football pitch….
    It makes me feel good to see people get me time!

    • It’s so important to make a little time – we only live once… So glad to inspire Anne : )

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