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Best New Apps: Coffitivity

I’m making a conscious effort to try out at least one new app through my iPhone or iPad every week, sampling the best looking or sounding applications to help me with my mind/body/work life and everything in between.

It’s so easy now to sometimes stare at the downloadable apps section of iTunes for hours on end and wonder what half of them actually do or offer.

Well, why not do as I do and sample some of the free ones each week and if you don’t like/use them, delete them again to free up some space on your phone?

Social media changes all the time and it’s great to play around with new things, so here I share with you my latest findings (let me know if you use it too… I’d love to hear from you!):


I don’t know about you, but sometimes I write/work better in a bustling coffee shop with a good, strong cuppa and the buzz of people around me and music in the background to help me focus.

This can (arguably) become an expensive habit to obtain and after reading a review a few weeks back, I stumbled upon this fantastic app to re-create that “coffee shop buzz”.

Introducing Coffitivity… this app recreates the ambient sounds of a café or coffee shop to boost your creativity and help you work better, all from the comfort of your desk chair, through your headphones. The coffee shop sounds available through this app are supported by science and backed by a community of creative using this app every day to help inspire and motivate them.

Coffitivity app stir up media

This app is available through Android and iOS and lets you play your favourite music over the hum of a background “coffee shop vibe”.

You can choose from a “Morning Murmur”, “Lunchtime Lounge”, “Texas Teahouse” or even some “University Undertones” to trick your brain into thinking you are there in your chosen zone… and what’s more, I find it actually works.

I’ve been blogging away with this playing through my iPhone today and I’ve been super productive, I love it.

Subscription options are currently around $1.99 and it’s a fun app for any coffee shop geeks out there who want to try to kick the habit, but keep up with a similar level of productivity that this sort of environment offers…. Now, just to find that perfect home brew!

Have a great week!


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