8 Reasons Why Hotels Should Embrace Social Media

8 Reasons Why Hotels Should Embrace Social Media

We are now in an age where technology rules, we are engaging more and more online and so are your clients or customers.

When it comes to hotel marketing, top-tier hotels, spas & restaurants are now using the likes of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and even YouTube to show off their dining, bedrooms and services.

In the fast-paced world of social media, we are very visual creatures and like to desire luxurious treats or experiences, so showing off what a hotel can offer in this way is seriously clever marketing in this day and age.

8 Reasons Why Hotels Should Embrace Social Media

Hotels are offering concierge services through Twitter (check out this post on the worlds’ first “Twitter Hotel“) and even Facebook as a customer service channel or YouTube to show potential guests around with virtual tours and teasers. Instagram is a great way to show behind-the-scenes images and host giveaways in creative ways – the options are becoming endless.

Holiday-makers will window shop online, check in with TripAdvisor, read travel blogs and discuss their options through their social media channels before deciding on where to stay. Being able to look behind the bedroom door and see the luxurious interiors is something that your potential guests now want to experience. Some hotels offer their potential guests virtual wine tasting events and hotel experts are now even hosting webinars to help other hotels and luxury destinations to get the best out of social media.

So, why should hotels, restaurants or spas embrace social media? Here are just 8 reasons why:

8 Reasons Why Hotels Should Embrace Social Media

Sharing Positive Reviews

So, you’ve just read a positive review on your venue or superb service, what do you do with this information? Why not use social media to share the review or blog feature you’ve just enjoyed reading and support the guest who wrote it up, as well as sharing with your readers or followers?… With more travel bloggers than ever (check out my alter ego for one – www.MissSueFlay.com!) it’s great to share their write ups with your readers, supporting the bloggers and sharing a potential new read for your followers too, who may be keen to find more travel blogs as they peruse Twitter or Facebook.

Share Your Personality 

You have a great team behind you, a product and service that you’re proud of and a passion for everything you stand for – why are you not sharing this with your followers and potential guests? Share the awards, rewards, staff incentives & celebrations, the little victories, the events & parties, relevant industry news and the fun you have behind the staff room door. Showing that you have a personality and a cherished team behind the reception desk or kitchen doors will make your followers buy into your brand – show off your personality and you will gain admiration & trust.

Demonstrate Your Specialist Services

If you are known for being a spa hotel, or perhaps you are a destination wedding venue, then share your expertise in this area. This is where a blog comes in perfectly, showing the “real” elements of what you can offer is a great way to showcase your products or services. What are the issues around planning a hotel wedding? Share your tips. What common issues do hoteliers face? Share your advice without being salesy to become an industry expert. You can link your blog to social media in order to share your content and get this advice seen and shared around the world wide web.

Twitter Concierge Service

More and more hotels are setting up dedicated Twitter/social media accounts to answer frequently asked questions – these questions and answers are visible to other followers and it’s a great way to show they you’re hot on service from the start. Some hotels even go as far as offering their guests iPads with connections to their team for fast & reliable concierge service. With the power of Twitter ever growing, if you’re innovative with the way you look after your guests, positive word of mouth will spread virtually in no time.

Share Your Expertise

You might be writing fantastic blog features or taking part in articles within magazines or other more traditional PR methods – so don’t let it just sit there and be forgotten. Share it through social media, re-hash content and recycle older pieces to remind your followers/readers of the knowledge you have to share with them. If you are featured in an article or feature, connect with the source through social media and start a conversation with them and their/your followers to keep it moving – don’t let it sleep.

Find New Staff

You could turn to social media not only to educate your guests, but to find new team members too – never underestimate the power of virtual word of mouth. You may have a follower who would be perfect for the position you’re trying to fill, or they may be able to “share” it with a friend who is job hunting – and you might not be paying the high agency fees if you do find someone as a result.

8 Reasons Why Hotels Should Embrace Social Media

Bad Press? 

Ok, so you won’t please everyone all of the time, we all know this. With the likes of Tripadvisor at your guests’ fingertips, what do you do when somebody leaves a particularly angry or negative comment/review about your establishment? It may seem crazy to consider it, but respond to the negative as well as the positive and show the world that you care. You will gain respect from the world if you are seen to show some thought or care on issues that have been expressed, just don’t get into public arguments!

Build A Community

Over time you can build up a Twitter following or a dedicated Facebook group, providing useful information, targeted offers or promotions, as well as exclusive access to behind-the-scenes information and access to events before anyone else – your following can grow faster than you think.

Social media makes it very easy to share content or information and now is the time for YOU to get your head around this and embrace it. Once you know how to do this, you’ll be wondering why on earth you didn’t get yourself or your business on social media sooner – and I can help.

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