7 Celebrities Who Invested In Startups

7 Celebrities Who Invest In Startups

So, what do the likes of Lady Gaga,  Justin Timberlake or William Shatner have in common I hear you cry?

They have all put money into startup business and social media platforms to diversify from what they do – I find this fascinating and I have enjoyed reading about some of the ventures certain famous faces have invested in.

Some people like to complain at how much money stars can make, but we all know how hard they work for it and I can’t for one minute imagine just how stressful certain elements of their working life must be – just like the rest of us.

So, if they have the money to put into a project, why on earth not?… Sometimes it works, other times it might not have been as smart a move as they might have hoped for. Here are some well known faces and the ventures they have gotten themselves involved with – some of them actually really surprised me.

7 Celebrities Who Invested In Startups


Ashton Kutcher

This young actor has invested in not one, but over thirteen startups since 2007, including the likes of Airbnb, Foursquare and Skype.

William Shatner 

This guy is simply a legend and this makes him even more so… He became the official spokesman for Priceline.com in 1997 and instead of taking money for this, he requested his payment in equity, In 2007, he is said to have cashed in and made a cool $600 million – what a guy!

Justin Timberlake 

Not only has he been portrayed in film as an investor of Facebook in “The Social Network”, but he is now actually a share holder in the new re-vamped version of MySpace.

MC Hammer 

Yup, this funky-trouser wearing rapper co-founded “DanceJam” – a startup website that allowed people to upload videos of them dancing… altogether now, “You can’t touch this!”… Unfortunately, it’s no longer running.

Jessica Alba

This girl is far from stupid, she’s created her own brand of eco-friendly nappies and cleaning products after her own needs weren’t met when having a baby herself – The Honest Company delivers these products direct to your door.

7 Celebrities Who Invested In Startups

Will Ferrell 

I really only started to realise there was more to Will than “Ron Burgundy” after seeing him on a Bear Grylls spin-off recently… But, I’ve also found that he has invested in FunnyorDie.com – a website dedicated to making you laugh.

Lady Gaga

This girl earned over $90 million in 2012 and so, in turn, had a little spare cash to play around with… She helped to raise over $4 million for a new social media platform called Backplane, which also helped to gain her very  own social networking site for her “Little Monsters“.  With over 20 million followers on Twitter alone, Lady Gaga is one to watch for how to get social networking right!

If YOU had the money to invest in your own projects, what would you back? 

Or would you create your own startup? 

I’d love to hear your thoughts – leave a comment below, or join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter!

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