10 Quick Social Media Post Ideas

10 Quick Social Media Post Ideas

It’s not only blog posts that become tricky to know what to write when it comes to creating new online content, some of us also have a mental block when it comes to knowing what to post on Facebook or Twitter from time to time too.

It’s completely normal for this to happen, but it can sometimes feel very overwhelming when you feel as though everybody else is totally switched on and has so much to say that they never seem to run out of ideas or steam to get it out there.

I bet you even those people with plenty to say have days where they’ve no idea what to shout about!

Sometimes it can also simply be about time… or lack of it. It can take a good hour or two to come up with social media ideas and planning them into your weekly schedule, so it may be that you are looking for some simple ideas to keep you going during those hectic times.

Personally, I can go days or weeks sometimes where I just can’t get anything written down and have no idea what to share with my followers or readers – it’s certainly not the end of the world, even if it seems that way.

10 Quick Social Media Post Ideas

Here are my tips on social media posts and updates that you could try when things get a little stale:

▽ Tips & Tricks

Just as I’m doing now, but condense them to 140 characters for Twitter or a smaller paragraph for Facebook. Create a little series of “how to” guides for your social media followers, share your knowledge or ideas to inspire others – giving away shareable information is a great way to keep yourself out there and creating valuable social media posts.

 DIY Guide / Life Hack

Everybody loves a good old life hack, you know, those little tips that change your every day life for the better! If you find one or have one you use regularly and you know that your readers could benefit from it – share it! If you are a cake maker or a crafter and everyone wants to know how you make that signature bake or pom pom, then tell them how you do it through a quick video or social media tutorial.

 Behind The Scenes

Nothing is perfect all the time, we all know this. If you are guilty of sharing only the most pretty of images, then give your social media followers a treat by showing them the nitty gritty. If you usually post pristine pictures of your office, then why not show your readers the aftermath of a team meeting or a productive brainstorming session and show them something you wouldn’t normally – they’ll love you for it. Are you trying to perfect a particular pose or style within your photography? Then, share this progress with your followers, perhaps even with some “before & after” shots or the real life effort you’re putting into your geekery, show everyone there’s a real person behind your posts.

10 Quick Social Media Post Ideas

 Ask A Question

Use your social media followers to ask them a burning question that might just help you shape what you write about or offer them next. Including your readers in these sort of decision making exercises is a great way to make them feel valued, as well as them offering you real feedback at the same time. Ask them how their weekend was, what plans they have for the bank holiday, what their top tips are or where they would recommend for a bite to eat in their local area – a question can start a great conversation.


Re-use blog content, sharing an old “how to” guide or a link roundup – it’s a great way to get people visiting your blog or website and if it’s of interest to them and their followers, they may even share it and retweet it for you. Don’t be scared to recycle existing content if it hasn’t been shared with your readers or followers for a while – they may have even missed it the first time around.

 Join The Conversation 

Hashtags and trending topics are always in your eye line through the Facebook and Twitter home pages, so jump on todays top trend and join a conversation, share the story, connect with a new follower or brand and try something new. Hashtag chats/hours are a great way to “meet” new people online, so find your local area chat through Twitter or find a hashtag hour within your niche and connect with people within the same industry or interest group.

10 Quick Social Media Post Ideas

 Play That Funky Music 

What music gets you going or chills you out as you blog/write/work? Share your Spotify playlist or your favourite CD album cover with your followers, you’ll be surprised as just how many people love to talk about their guilty pleasures when it comes to Friday afternoon tunes…

 Share The Love

It doesn’t have to be all about you, share a blog or social media follower that you are enjoying reading or following and ask your crowd to show them some loving. You could tweet a shout out or #FollowFriday to your latest followers, share a post and make your own notes on a link from a Facebook friends’ account. If you meet somebody that inspires you or work with a client that you’ve enjoyed your time with, tell your followers about them, share the love people! If you take part in a guest blog post or have been featured somewhere, share those links with your followers and support the publication or editorial you’ve been a part of.


Everybody seems to love a motivational quote, so why not share one from Pinterest? Or better still, use one of your own images and create your own – you could make up your own quote or use one of your favourites to get people talking and sharing.

 What’s Going On?

Are you headed to an exciting food event this weekend? Connect with them on social media and tell them, use their dedicated hashtags or pages to share your haul and connect with other people going along at the same time. Have you been made aware of a great unknown supperclub or a crafting event? Share it with your followers if you think they’d want to know about it – support the events and businesses around you. If you visit your favourite bakery, let them know you’ve enjoyed your treat by geo-tagging them on Instagram and sharing your love for them with your followers, they’d love to hear from you.

10 Quick Social Media Post Ideas

Start With Stir Up Media

Hopefully this will help you to create just one or two social media posts, if not more! Why not start by sharing this post with your readers and share the love yourself? They may be having the same issues with social media post ideas, so it may help them if it has helped to inspire you… don’t forget to link in Stir Up Media through your chosen social media platform if you do, I’d LOVE to connect with you in return!

Please do share the link to your blog below in a comment if you found this useful, have any tips yourself or even a link to a successful social media post created from this idea generation post! 

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